Ph.D Thesis

  • “An Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Framework for Forensic Document Fraud Analysis”, November 2012.(Thesis).

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Rajesh Kumar, Bhabatosh Chanda and J. D. Sharma, "A novel sparse model based forensic writer identification". Special issue in Frontier in Handwriting Processing, Pattern Recognition Letters 35, January 2014, pp-105-112.ABSTRACT,PDF(Pre-print).
  • Rajesh Kumar, N.R. Pal, Bhabatosh Chanda and J.D. Sharma, “Forensic Detection of Alterations in Ball-Point Pen Strokes”. IEEE Transaction on Information Forensic and Security 7 (2), April 2012, pp- 809-820.ABSTRACT,PDF(Pre-print).
  • Rajesh Kumar, J. D. Sharma and  Bhabatosh Chanda. “Writer- Independent Off-line Signature Verification using Surroundedness Feature”. Pattern Recognition Letters 33 (2), 1 February 2012, pp- 301-308.ABSTRACTPDF(Pre-print).
  • Pulak Purkait, Rajesh Kumar and Bhabatosh Chanda, “Writer Identification for Handwritten Telugu Documents using Directional Morphological Features”. In: Proc. ICFHR’2010,658-653 (2010).ABSTRACT.
  • Rajesh Kumar, Lopamudra Kundu, Bhabatosh Chanda and J.D. Sharma, “A Writer-Independent Off-line Signature Verification based on Signature Morphology”. In: Proc. IITM’2010, 261-265 (2010).ABSTRACT.
  • Rajesh Kumar, Nikhil R. Pal, J. D. Sharma and Bhabatosh Chanda , “A Novel Approach for Detection of Alteration in Ball Pen Writings”. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, PReMI, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 400 – 405 (2009).ABSTRACT.
  • Rajesh Kumar, Nikhil R. Pal, Bhabatosh Chanda and J. D. Sharma, “Detection of Fraudulent Alterations in Ball-Point Pen Strokes using Support Vector Machines”. In: Proc. IEEE INDICON 2009 , 253 – 256 (2009).ABSTRACT.


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Technical Reports

  • Identification and Differentiation of Ink from Writing Strokes of Ball Point Pen by HPTLC and FTIR-Microscope, May 2006. 

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Recent Activities

  • Dr. Kumar has received Best Scientific Paper Award in 23rd All India Forensic Science Conference organized by DFSS, MHA, Govt. of India, New Delhi for his work on "Text independent writer recognition".
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar is serving as a Technical Program Committee member in ICDP2015.

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